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What Not to Do After an Accident

Common mistakes to avoid after an accident in the US


After an accident, you must avoid actions that could harm your rights. They could also hurt your chances of getting fair compensation. Understanding what not to do can be as crucial as knowing what to do.

This blog post is for informational purposes only and should not be considered legal advice. Laws vary by jurisdiction, and each case is unique. For personalized legal guidance, please consult with a qualified attorney.

In this blog post, we'll highlight common mistakes to avoid after an accident in the US. We'll also discuss the potential consequences of these actions.

1. Do Not Admit Fault

One of the most critical mistakes to avoid after an accident is admitting fault. No matter what happens, avoid making statements. They could be seen as an admission of guilt. Admitting fault can hurt you in legal proceedings. It weakens your position, undermines your claim, and makes it harder to get compensation for your injuries and losses.

2. Do Not Delay Medical Attention

Failing to seek medical attention promptly after an accident can have consequences. Even if you believe you have not sustained injuries, it's better to undergo a thorough medical evaluation. Delaying treatment could worsen your condition. It would also make it harder to connect your injuries to the accident. It may also result in untreated injuries, prolong recovery time, and weaken your case for compensation.

3. Do Not Speak to Insurance Companies Without Representation

Avoid discussing the details of the accident with insurance adjusters without legal representation. Insurance companies are skilled at minimizing payouts and may use your statements against you to devalue your claim. Speaking to insurance companies alone could lead to a smaller settlement offer. Or, they might deny your claim. In a survey by Nolo, 70% of people who held out for a better deal got $30,700 more. This compared to those who took the insurance company’s first offer. Therefore, let your attorney handle all communication with insurance representatives.

4. Do Not Fail to Gather Evidence

Failing to collect evidence at the accident scene can weaken your case significantly. Take photos of the scene like damage to vehicles and injuries, gather witness statements and contact information, and document any other relevant details (ex: road conditions, weather, etc.). Without sufficient evidence, it may be challenging to prove liability and recover compensation for your damages.

5. Do Not Leave the Accident Scene

Leaving the accident before the police arrive is a critical mistake. You must also exchange information with the other parties. Stay at the scene until it is okay to leave. Exchange contact and insurance info with other drivers. Running from an accident can lead to severe legal consequences. These include criminal charges and loss of driving privileges.

6. Do Not Post About the Accident on Social Media

Refrain from discussing the details of the accident on social media platforms. Insurance companies or opponents could use anything you post online against you. Social media posts can be misconstrued or misinterpreted, potentially harming your credibility and affecting the outcome of your case. It's best to avoid posting about the accident altogether until your case is resolved.

7. Do Not Settle Quickly Without Legal Counsel

Resist the urge to accept a quick settlement offer from insurance companies. Do not accept money from an insurance company without consulting with a qualified attorney. Early settlement offers are often low and may not fully cover your damages. Talk to a personal injury lawyer. They will make sure you get fair pay for your injuries and losses.

Avoid these mistakes after an accident. It is crucial to protect your legal rights. It also maximizes your chances of getting fair compensation. To know about what steps you should take after an accident, read our guide on What to Do Immediately After a Motor Vehicle Accident

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