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Connecting Lawyers with Injury Victims Seeking Compensation

Grow your personal injury firm with a strategic partnership built upon a decade of proprietary personal injury data

0% Average Retention Rate of Partners Over 8 Years

Who We
Partner With

At Lawfty, we pride ourselves on collaborating with law firms across the United States to ensure access to justice for those in need. We are on the lookout to partner with two main types of law firms.

Firstly, we are interested in established firms with a strong infrastructure and a proven track record of handling cases quickly and efficiently. These firms prioritize prompt responses to inquiries and have a lead management system in place to oversee cases from start to finish. Secondly, we highly value specialized firms that excel in personal injury practice areas such as pre-litigation, motor vehicle accidents, workers' compensation, and medical malpractice. We believe that firms with experienced attorneys dedicated to specific specialties bring a depth of expertise that enhances their ability to secure favorable outcomes for their clients.

If your firm fits either of these profiles and you're interested in exploring partnership opportunities with Lawfty, contact us today. We can support your firm's goals and work together to provide top-tier legal solutions for those in need.

How It Works

Unlock the full potential of your practice with our cutting-edge technology. From strategic planning to precise targeting, we seamlessly guide you through every step.



We co-invest with our partners on their digital marketing spend.



We target, vet, and deliver cases to our partners via our 360° digital marketing technology.



We track cases from inquiry to settlement, leveraging data-driven insights to optimize continuously.


Mutual Success

We split the settlement fees, so we only make money when you make money. Our interests are firmly aligned.

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About Us

Lawfty's team keeps partners ahead in online advertising.

Founded by a lawyer and a computer scientist with advanced degrees from MIT, Lawfty is the trusted partner to a select group of top-tier personal injury firms across the country. Lawfty's proprietary technology has also been licensed by one of Silicon Valley's largest companies for its own digital marketing.

Lawfty aggregates data from each and every digital marketing lead, from inquiry to settlement. We understand what cases monetize for and optimize our bidding strategies accordingly. This factor alone is what sets us apart from the typical digital marketing firm. But Lawfty doesn’t stop there. Unlike anyone else in the industry, we’re so confident in our technology and in our ability to generate cases online that we’ll co-invest alongside the firms we choose to partner with.

Partners of Lawfty also get access to our team. From data scientists to our in-house call center that supports every incoming lead before it gets to our partners — our premier talent is integral to the success of the work that we do with our partners.

Together, Lawfty’s technology and team ensures that our partners stay ahead in the online advertising space.

Lawyer to Lawyer

I’ve been in the personal injury business for 20 years. When it comes to reliably generating cases, Lawfty is the best I’ve seen. Their technology is world-class, and their team honest and trustworthy. I couldn’t ask for a better partner.



No one can compare to Lawfty. They have the business down to a science. They’ve transformed the world of personal injury advertising like Billy Beane transformed baseball. It’s all analytics now and they know every number.



Lawfty generates so many more leads than anyone I’ve ever dealt with, and they keep me organized. I have 16 lawyers and if I delegate a lead to one of them and he calls and no one picks up he'll just move on to the next lead. Lawfty a day later will be like “Hey, how did it go?” “Do you need help tracking the client down?” And that’s different. You feel more like their partner, than you are subscribing to a service.



The legal profession is changing. The way cases are acquired is changing. Lawfty needs firms that have foresight and aren’t content doing things the way they’ve always been done. You don’t need to have a billboard on every highway in order to bring in business, you don’t need to be on television.



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All you need to know about partnerships.

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